Tombola Giveaways

We hold Tombola's which is giveaways for all of our delegators. You can earn tickets by referring.

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”What is Tombola?”

By staking in our pool we grant you the privilege of having a chance to earn even more ada. We love to share and help our community.

This is why we make Tombola's which is giveaways. We usually giveaway 100ADA x4: 4 winners each time. Dont let this scare you at all. if you dont have a lot of ADA you can earn tickets by Refering people to the pool.

6.8 % ROA
3 Lifetime Blocks
306.530 Active Stake
36 Delegators

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How-to Stake

Our handmade guide in both Danish and English, easy to understand, follow and become an expert in staking.


Join our telegram filled with joy, jokes and serious crypto discussion. Everyone is welcome!


There is many great tools for watching and following the state of a stakepool. Our favorite is Adapools.