Hvem er One Equity
Staking Pool

Vi er en staking pool der er mere end bare en staking pool. Vi har Tombola og et venligt fælleskab.

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Experienced Team

2 highly qualified developers stand behind 24/7 uptime and maintenance

Engaging Community

Our community is filled with joy, jokes and serious crypto discussions

Our Goal

We want to do more than just staking pools. Community and friendship is one of our highly weighted topic.


Let’s talk about our project

We are a Cardano Staking Pool. Our focus is aimed on decentralization and helping the network. Aside from that we focus a lot on our community. This is also aimed towards the future. We are the network of Cardano - we are here to help and balance out the network. We know it can seem quite technical at first, but that is why we are here to offer our service.

We share and help each other

We like to help every single person in our pool. This is why we have arranged Tombola's (giveaways) for all of our delegators. This means you can earn even more ada, jsut by staking in our pool. Now dont let this scare you. Even if you dont have a lot of ADA you can Refer other people and earn Tickets to our tombola = more gain for everyone.


What do we say?

A short insight of what each of us believe in and what we stand for.

ADA is here to stay and grow beyond all of our expectations.



It is only a matter of time beforee people realise what potential is.


UI/UX and Software Developer

Cardano will son be the new IN of crypto.


Software Developer
6.8 % ROA
3 Lifetime Blocks
306.530 Active Stake
36 Delegators

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Follow the links below to start staking, joining our community or learning how to.

How-to Stake

Our handmade guide in both Danish and English, easy to understand, follow and become an expert in staking.


Join our telegram filled with joy, jokes and serious crypto discussion. Everyone is welcome!


There is many great tools for watching and following the state of a stakepool. Our favorite is Adapools.