One Equity Staking Pool

Our Staking Pool works to balance and help everyone, so you only have to set it up once, and get beautiful results forever.

Feature 01

Be Productive

Start staking the perfect stake pool, One Equity serves to make equality and help cardano balance out the network. We want everybody to have a chance to join staking pools with 100% certainty and safety.

Feature 02

Watch It Grow

Start Staking and say Goodbye to worries. We are a dedicated team behind the stake pool and we strive to create safety and certainty. With 98% uptime you get a safe enviroment to stake your funds.

Feature 03

Be Part Of The Community

We aren't just a staking pool. We are a Community in the making and we are growing quickly! Be part of this amazing journey and meet people you share interest with..

Feature 04

Why Choose Us?

With 2 very dedicated and highly qualified developers you can rest assure knowing your staking is in safe hands. We work hard to make sure everything is maintained.

Feature 05

Who are we?

We are Independent civilians just like you. We each specialise in our own corner of IT, that gives us a wide variety and knowledge within everything needed.

Feature 06

Dont Know Much About Staking?

Then dont worry! We are here to help you out in "Face to Face" like conversations. We strive to be eye-to-eye with our stakers. Dont be confused anymore, you have fast and reliable support or you could even call us "friends" to ask.

Unlimited for all

Unlimited staking, high rewards and a big community.

No Charge!
What you will get
  • 99% Uptime!
  • Friends/Supporters to help out
  • Likeminded people to chat with
  • Low Fees!

Still not convinced on staking?